Näissäkin merkeissä

The Finnish Microbreweries' Association

The Finnish Microbreweries’ Association aims to raise the profile of craft beer, cider, sahti and other beverages manufactured in finnish microbreweries. The association's main objectives also include improving the industry's marketing, and strengthening its lobbying attempts - all the while helping Finland find it's national "beer profile" and maintaining the country's heritage in beer production.

The microbreweries around the country often function locally, but are also very innovative by nature. The breweries' sizes vary from companies of one, to companies of ten employees - and their products can mostly be seen as handmade. The origins of beers produced in microbreweries rely on domestic, high quality ingredients.

Sales of microbreweries' products should be legalised from production site, straight to consumer.

The Finnish Microbreweries' Association firmly believes that microbreweries deserve the right to sell their products straight from the brewery, as is the case with sahti and certain locally produced wines. 

The association also demands raising the lowest tax reduction limit in beer production from 200 000 litres yearly, to 500 000 litres per year.

We also move to lift the bar on current environmental tax penalty from 50 000 litres, to somewhere significantly higher. 

Microbreweries are pioneers in beer development and good taste. They benefit from their small size and quick maneuverability - therefore bringing consumers new experiences and authentic products. Microbreweries represent courage in experimenting with different beer styles and methods, and continue to open new worlds of flavour and culture to beer lovers around Finland.